Association of large energy consumers. The goal of founding the Association was to establish an organization that would be able to defend the interests of otherwise unorganized large customers in the field of energy.

Guarantor: Ing. Richard Vidlička, MBA

Chairman: Ing. Karel Šimeček

Section activities:

Defence and promotion of the interests of the consumer party when purchasing energy, especially electricity and gas. These are mainly activities in the area of legislation (with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and members of the PS CR), in the area of price creation (with the Energy Regulatory Office) and in the area of the environment and climate protection (with the MoE and the Ministry of Finance).

In the mentioned issue, it also promotes the interests of industry through participation in the Executive Committee of the Group for Energy at the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, in working committees for legislative changes at the Ministry of Industry and Trade and in working groups for the creation of the Tariff System and Principles of the Regulatory Period at ERO.

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