Guarantor: Martina Jaroušková

Chairman: Ing. Petr Jeník

Board Activities:

It focuses on the implementation of the approved activities of the ČSZE according to the resolutions of the general meetings for the area of the heating industry, in particular:

  • collecting the problems of individual member entities and proposing common, generally acceptable solutions
  • unification of the opinions of member entities on the function and needs of the heating industry, focusing in particular on energy policy, legislation, prices and tariffs, taxes, work safety and technical standardisation
  • active involvement and cooperation of other heating entities in the expert councils and sections of the ČSZE
  • application of EU standards in the field of heating industry and supporting KVET

Cooperation was established with heating entities within the framework of cooperation with the Slovak Energy Employers’ Union.

The Council for the Heating Industry of the ČSZE creates conditions for the implementation of the specific needs of the heating companies – member entities of the ČSZE, for the formulation of unified opinions
and comments on materials fundamentally affecting the function of the heating industry in the long and short term. At the same time, the council members inform about the possibilities of using the activities of ČSZE
to meet the needs of the companies they represent. It would be appropriate that all heating companies become members of the council and thus they could regularly contribute with their suggestions to the successful operation of ČSZE and the fulfilment of its mission.