The Czech Energy Employers’ Association is a voluntary, independent and open interest organisation uniting employers in the field of electricity and heat production and distribution and related fields, as well as other legal entities operating in the energy sector and vocational schools focused on energy. CSZE is an association within the meaning of the relevant legislation. The association develops its activities and activities on the territory of the Czech Republic and cooperates with similar organisations outside the Czech Republic.

The main objective of the Association’s activities is to contribute to and protect the reputation of the Czech energy sector, as well as to protect the interests and good name of the Association and its members, to represent, promote and defend the common business and employer interests of its members in dialogue with the Parliament of the Czech Republic, the Government of the Czech Republic, political parties and movements and other national and international institutions.

The Union represents its members in collective bargaining and concludes higher level collective agreements on their behalf with the relevant ECHO and ČOSE trade unions

The Union is a collective member of the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic, a member of the international electricity union EURELECTRIC, based in Brussels, a member of the  International Social Security Organisation ISSA, based in Cologne, and a member of the International Technical Section for Live Work of the LWA.